Since founding Tabbisocks, Maarlie Wada’s mission has always been to provide pieces that inspire you to live your color.

Maarlie Wada moved to the U.S. from Japan in 2001 and brought her eye for style along with her.

Tabbisocks weaves Japanese craftsmanship from the East with big personality from the West. Each sock is made with love in Nara, a city steeped in tradition and “advanced sock culture.”

In Japan, socks are a way of life. Taking off your shoes is the norm in Japan, and it gives you plenty of opportunities to reveal your true style. Your socks show who you are: loud and proud, subtle and sweet, or perfectly weird.

There are so many to choose from: open toe socks for sandals, cropped socks for sneakers, and leg warmers to lounge around in the home. We hope you wear our socks proudly and show your true self. Live your own color!