Le Concours Photos Just Socks
est le concours photos trimestriel du site Chaque trimestre nous sélectionnerons les photos ayant le plus de votes. Chaque gagnant recevra 365 paires de Just Socks(Une année de chaussettes).

N’oubliez pas qu’au moins une chaussette JUST SOCKS doit apparaître sur votre photo.

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<strong>1. CHOIX DE LA PHOTO</strong>

Pour être acceptée, chaque photo doit représenter au moins une paire de chaussettes Just Socks, dans le contexte de votre choix. Toutes les photos respectant cette condition seront acceptées, sauf les photos à caractère xénophobe, pornographique, ou allant à l’encontre de la législation belge. Toutes les photos soumises et acceptées sont visibles sur la page CONCOURS PHOTO JUST SOCKS. Chaque concours durera une période de 3 mois Elles seront
All pictures that have been submitted and accepted appear in the section ‘Just Socks Photo Contest’. There they remain for a total of 3 month, so that visitors to the site get a chance to vote. Every picture appears with a number of comments and a time counter indicating the remaining time lapse. To access the gallery, you need to click on the link “Just Socks Photo Contest”. And to find out more about a picture, just click on the picture. You will then be directed to this information:

• Picture Title
• Photographer’s user name
• Number of page views
• Number of valuations
• Average score (1= worst, 5=best)

You need to be logged in order to vote. Every member can only vote once for a particular picture. You can rate a picture on a scale from 1 to 5.

<strong>2. Ended</strong>

After 3 month, the winning picture gets transferred to the ‘Winner of Just Socks Photo Contest’ section. The final result that you can see there is a weighted average.

We calculate the result like this: all ratings (from 1 to 5) are added up, the total sum multiplied by 100 and then divided by the number of feedbacks.

<strong>3. Selection of Winners</strong>

Every 3 month we choose the winning picture of the quarter. Our choice depends on the number of votes.

The picture that will have the higher numbers of votes will win and his owner will be personally informed.

Good Luck ![/toggle]