The S Projekt – Marco Cavalli – Deck 1


Produce in a very Limited Edition.

Hand numbered.

Made in the US from 7 ply Grade A Canadian Maple wood.

Printed in Europe.

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Marco Cavalli Is Italian. His family business is about jewelry, so some years ago he had to take photographs of a ring. he never took seriously a photograph before. ; It wasn’t easy but at the end he did it: the result was really terrible, but at that time he thought it was great. And he have been lucky because photography began to be part of his life..

At the beginning he used to shoot still life and landscape, he couldn’t photograph people. As he have always been a bit introverse, so it was difficult for him to get in touch with human beings.

He tried, but his experiments were really poor.
The only person he could photograph was his girlfriend.
Then, some years later, his love story ended suddenly.
It was a very long-lasting relation, and he felt really bad.
It was summer of 2016.
So he took his camera and decided to leave.
He traveled around Europe for one month, and at the end he had put together a series of pictures of the many amazing girls he met during his trip.

This was the beginning of what he is doing now.
He use photography to meet new people, and for him that’s really a great way to get in touch with people in an intimate way. And it is constantly something that allows him to challenge his fears, his blocks, and discover himself.


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